Cleansing Toner 2X

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Cleansing Toner 2X
Cleansing Toner 2X
Cleansing Toner 2X

One-step Multi Care

Removes even water proof make-up easily and clearly. Cleansing toner including moisturizing function. No need to wash.

Miracle Ingredient

Contains marine collagen and Italian hot spring water, which help strengthening moisturizing system, therefore it finishes cleansing and even keeps eyes and lips moist, where the sebaceous glands doesn’t exist.

Mild Test completed & Patented ingredient for soothing

Mild test completed for sensitive skin, and contains no paraben, mineral oil, benzophenone, and uses BSASM (skin soothing) patented ingredients for sensitive skin.


  • One step mild cleansing toner with moisturizing effect. 
  • Protects keratin, removes dirt and makeup (including waterproof makeup), moisturizes and soothes skin excellently
  • No sting, burn or irritation.
  • Ischia Cleansing Toner 2X is between pH4.5-6.5
  • Contains 7 kinds of complex BSASM patent extracts, and AQUAXYL. Ingredients like Premium Italian Hot Spring Water and Marine Collagen contain natural preservative agents (NO artificial preservatives) and are EWG Green Grade 1


  • Apply a generous amount onto a piece of a clean cotton pad.
  • Gently cleanse the skin by patting the solution on the face.


    Volume: 350 ml
    Expiry Date: 4 Jan 2025

      Cleansing Toner 2X
      Cleansing Toner 2X
      Cleansing Toner 2X